First look at the Windows 10 Linux subsystem

A few days ago Microsoft announced coming of Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10. While I'm not a Linux fanboy, most of the servers I'm responsible for work on Linux system. And Linux has plenty of features I like and miss on my Windows machine. So it was impossible to pass by this feature.

Right now Linux subsystem is available only for members of the Windows Insider program. Windows should be upgraded to the latest 14316 preview build.

And a few additional steps should be done. The first one is to turn this feature on. Go to the Control panel.

Open Programs.

Click Turn Windows features on or off.

Turn on Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta).

I'm not sure about this step. I've seen messages saying that Developer Mode should be turned on for this feature, but it was already activated on my system, and I don't know if it is necessary or not.

And the last step. Open command window (usual windows cmd) and type bash

All we need to do is to type "y" and press enter. There was a problem at this step. Instead of Type "y" to continue: I was constantly getting Type "?" to continue: and regardless of what I been typing, I got something like this: "????? ??????????, ????????? ????????.. ??????????? ?????". I should mention that my Windows language was not English. The only solution I've found is to download English language pack and change the default language to English. Next steps don't require any input. You may Sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

A few minutes later everything is ready. The simplest Linux installation, I've ever done.

Logical disks are available as /mnt/c, mnt/d and so on.

All files are oned by the root user and have 777 access rights.

ping is not working.

df shows nothing.

Problems with ssh with authentication by the key.

Private key rights should be set to less publick, but chmod gives neiver result nor error message.

But ssh with login/passworg autentication works well.

xclock is not installed, but it's very easy to install it using apt.

There is no support for the graphical subsystem (and no plans for it as far as I know), but X11 forward works.

There are a lot of problems and bugs in this feature right now. And it looks like the whole system works much slower than before. But it's only a beta. Thi first beta actually. So I like it.

It looks like this build (14316 ) is very experimental. My computer freezes every 20-40 minutes, and I have to reboot it :(.

linux subsystem Windows 10

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