Update 29 November 2016 Added dates of end of error correction support.

Update 12 December 2016 Added dates of end of error correction support for 12.2.

Update 09 May 2017 All versions and patches are up to date.

Recently I started to spend significantly more time at OTN forums. And what I have realised that often people don't understand how old versions of the software they use are. It's pretty typical to use OBIEE or even Well, I knew this before, but when you can see tens of questions it makes the situation more obvious. I'm going to maintain a list of OBIEE versions with release dates in this post, so it's easy to say how old the given release is. I'm not going to say that I remember all of these dates.

I spent some googling them and for the older releases it's just an estimate: the earliest mention I found ( or a date of a documentation (, etc. So for the oldest releases this dates may be not completely accurate, but as these releases are 5-7 years old I don't think that's a big problem.

Disclaimer #1: this information is completely unofficial. It may contain errors and should be only used as an overview. Refer to https://support.oracle.com for the official information.

Disclaimer #2: I will do my best to keep this info actual, but I'm not an Oracle employee responsible for this, therefore I can be wrong, can forget to update it, etc. Refer to https://support.oracle.com for the latest official information.

Disclaimer #3: I haven't found official error correction support dates for OBIEE 12c, therefore these dates are very rough and should not be used for making any decisions. Refer to https://support.oracle.com for the latest official information.

Major versionMinor version/Patch levelRelease dateEnd of error correction supportPatch
10g10.1.3.2January 2007 November 2007 2008 2009September 2012 August 2011July 2015 201001 June 2012 201101 March 2013 February 201213562882 April 201213611078 August 201213832750 October 201214517379 (aka January 201315887317 February 201202 April 2014 (aka PSE 1)02 April 201213714120 May 201213932572* BP129 June 2012 14223977**** September 201214538078 October 201214696072 November 201215844023 December 201215959887 January 201316094198 February 201316287811 April 201316504136 June 201316747681 August 201316986663 April 201331 December 2018 June 201316556157 October 201317530796 January 201417886497 February 201418057570 April 201418283508 May 201418507268 July 201418818588 October 201419261194 January 201520124371 July 201521103263 October 201521814325 January 201622225110 July 201623703041 October 2016*** April 201725828931 May 201431 December 2021 July 201421235195 (security patch) October 201522061111 January 201622393988 April 201622951634 July 201623703078 October 201624668000 January 201725189841 April 201725797429 October 2015June 2017 April 201622734181 July 201623299662 October 201624695761 May 201725563361 2017 October 201624580495 May 201725563341 October 2016October 2020**** May 201725610885

* (This Patch is Obsolete. It cannot be Downloaded.)
* * for Fusion Applications only.
* * * No actual patch been released
* * * * Not the official date, just my estimate based on a typical lifecycle

And some visualization to make it more obvious:

Note: PS. If you can't see the chart, it's possible that it was blocked by ABP (or its analogue). I'm trying to figure out why it does so, but right now the only solution I know is to switch it off for this site.

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